Brahmavihara Seed Butters
Contact: Sam Cardoza
Address: Market Kitchen Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Email Address:
Phone: 510-407-6217
About Us
We are permaculturists, nutrient dense nerds, and zero waste geeks.

Our vision consists of three components...

-Positive Vibes – cultivating and sharing positive energy in our food, community, work, and in ourselves.

-Nourishing the Roots, Nourished from the Roots – more diversity, resilience, and hearty plant-based foods in our local foodshed.

-Collective Grassroots Power – cooperatively co-creating economic power and opportunities from the ground up
We are proud of our work and aspire to 100% integrity in aligning our practices to what we believe in. The way we carry out our vision is what makes our products and business truly special.


We are proud to say that 100% of the ingredients we use in our products are direct-sourced from farmers or small local distributors with whom we are cultivating lasting relationships. In choosing farms to source from, when possible we prioritize farms which are:


By choosing local, we help to support a vibrant, resilient local foodshed. This reduces food miles (a significant source of carbon emissions) and creates meaningful work in our community. A “multiplier effect” occurs when we support local, where capital generated in the community remains and circulates within the community.


Our diet is one of the most powerful avenues available to us to impact the world. By choosing food from farms with conscious, regenerative, and ecological practices, we can support repairing the land and ecosystem which sustains us. At Brahmavihara, this is a key value.


At Brahmavihara, we believe all human beings deserve to earn a living wage, and to have a sense of ownership over their work. We support worker owned cooperatives and farms which compensate their workers fairly.

Read about the farms we source from here.


At Brahmavihara, we strive to “minimize our violence footprint and maximize our Love footprint.” We consider the ecological impact of our decisions and strive to minimize waste at all levels of purchasing, production, and sales.

Reusable Packaging Program

[Note: Our reusable packaging program will be temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 outbreak.] All our products come in reusable packaging. When making a purchase, you will be charged a refundable packaging deposit. When you bring the container back, we’ll give you your money back.

We are very pleased to offer our product in handmade ceramic containers (LaughinGnome Pottery) with locally made wooden lids (Edensaw). These vessels have an $11 deposit. For folks with whom the deposit price would be prohibitive, we also offer products in glass mason jars for a $2 deposit.

Bicycle Powered Business

All our operations (except for things arriving in the mail of course) are currently done on bicycle. This reduces our carbon footprint, and also gives our employees some sweet calves! Look for a heavily loaded bike trailer heading uptown on market days. 👍


Currently, Brahmavihara is a one-person operation. However, if we feel supported by our community enough to grow and expand, the plan is to structure the company as a worker-owned cooperative. Co-creating meaningful economic opportunities (including a sense of ownership over one’s work) is a core intention for us.


The name of our company, Brahmavihara, comes from an idea in Buddhism of the four Divine Abodes. These abodes are loving-kindness, compassion, selfless joy, and equanimity. When one is able to generate these qualities within themselves, they will find a sense of balance, harmony, and deep enjoyment in their life. Running this business and bringing our products to the community is in part a practice of training our own minds, hearts, and spirits to tune into these energies. Don’t be surprised if you see us smiling, singing to the food while it’s being made, or practicing mindfulness in our interactions. Our best intentions are going into our work and we hope they may ripple out into the community to benefit all.