Hurricane Hills Winery
Contact: Jessie Newberg
Address: 1621 East 4th Street Port Angeles, WA, 98362
Email Address:
Phone: 360-457-1345
About Us
Hurricane Hills Winery is a boutique winery located in Port Angeles, WA. We specialize in hand crafted, natural fruit wines in flavor combinations that are unique, approachable and fun. Careful handling, high-quality ingredients and small batch fermentation result in a premium product unlike other fruit wines on the market. Our wines range from dry to sweet and feature locally grown produce, blended with pure mountain spring water only available to Hurricane Hills Winery. They are great for any occasion, and reflect the unique character of the Pacific Northwest.

We currently do not have a tasting room. We connect with our customers through regional farmers markets where we provide wine tastings. We also offer free wine delivery covering a large area, see our website for further details. Our wines are available online and at select retail locations as well. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our sampling locations, events and product release information. Don't hesitate to inquire directly, we truly love to hear from our customers!

About the Winemaker
I am a lifetime resident Port Angeles, and spent my childhood growing up at Lake Dawn which is a small community in the Heart of the Hills in-route to Hurricane Ridge. I had the Olympic National Park as my backyard growing up, and it instilled a lifelong appreciation of nature and what our beautiful region has to offer. It is the inspiration for my winery and where the mountain spring water in my wine comes from.
Hand-selected fruit, quality ingredients, careful handling and small-batch fermentation create a premium, natural product. We take simple, locally farmed ingredients and craft them into unique wine varieties. Each batch reflects distinctive seasonal variations; several are produced without chemical additives. We are committed to environmentally friendly business practices and source our produce locally whenever possible.