Diamond Day Bouquet
Contact: Caitlin Carnahan
Address: 925 West Egg and I Road Chimacum, WA, 98325
Email Address:
Phone: 206-354-2867
About Us
Diamond Day Bouquet is nestled above Chimacum Valley, in the fair state of Washington. On our farm we specialize in unique and old-fashioned, garden-style flowers grown organically and with love. As a small, local, family-run farm we are involved in every aspect of our beautiful flowers, from planting the seed, to weeding, harvesting and design.

At our farm we feel passionately about growing beautiful flowers. By choosing locally you are not only making a responsible environmental choice, you are also making the choice to be surprised and awed by the variety and depth that local flowers provide. In viticulture, they call it “terrior” — a wine’s depth of flavor is influenced by where the grapes are grown. Seasonal flowers are the same. We grow beautiful Dahlias because they love our maritime climate. We grow Peonies and Heirloom Sweet Peas because they are heart-breakingly lovely and they thrive here. We grow flowers with character and a story far surpassing that of box-store cuts.
Feeling a deep connection to the land we steward, we farm organically at Diamond Day. We never use any harmful sprays or pesticides and stay away from harmful floral foam in our designs. By growing all of the flowers we use in our designs, we are engaged and invested in every aspect of our floral creations, from seed to soil to vase. 80% of the cut flowers sold in the United States are imported. By choosing local and understanding how your flowers are grown and where they come from, you are not only making a meaningful and contentious choice, but a beautiful one.