Blue Summer House
Contact: Anya Koultysheva
Address: PO Box 262 Nordland, WA, 98358
Email Address:
Phone: 310-774-7382
About Us
Fascinated with fiber arts from a very early age. I love working with textiles, especially linen - the oldest fiber in the world with amazing natural properties. The beauty of linen inspired me to create a line of products, such as clothing and home collection, which would be beautiful, stylish and also functional, practical and long-lasting. I bring organically certified linen fabrics from Europe where it's been grown and produced using old methods and stone washing techniques. I make everything myself here in PNW.
Each piece is individually cut and sewn with extra care and attention to detail. Quality over quantity. I want my customers to experience the joy of using beautiful and well made handcrafted items in their daily life. Everything I design and make I personally adore. Style, simplicity, unique colors and prints are combined in my work.