Kilisut Harbor Shellfish, LLC
Contact: Jerry Goetz
Address: PO Box 194 NORDLAND, WA, 98358
Email Address:
Phone: 360-531-0538
About Us
My two partners and I began this oyster farm in 2017 and have leased some of the adjoining neighbors' tidelands, in addition to our own (We all live in close proximity on the north end of Kilisut, just south of Fort Flagler State Park.) We currently have several thousand dozen Pacific Oysters available, in varying sizes. We have trademarked our oysters "Maro-ishi". (The "ishi" portion of that name being derived from the Japanese word for stone.) We currently sell to Key City Fish, Finistere, Ajax, Hog Island Oysters (Bay area restaurant chain in California), and a distributor in Tacoma. We also have ongoing local sales here on Marrowstone. We have had several local people work for us, and have two currently employed, along with ourselves, of course.