Crust Bakery
Contact: Kelli Winter
Address: 1034 Van Ness Street Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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About Us
Our crust is legendary.
Flaky, buttery and tasty.
We fill each pie with the most delicious fillings we can imagine.
Sweet but not too sweet for breakfast or dessert.
Savory with local ingredients combined to make a nourishing lunch or dinner.

Our soups are made with farm fresh produce and a creative spirit, you won't taste anything like our soups anywhere else. Always wheat free, usually vegan.
Our broths are made from vegetable scraps with added herbs and spices to keep you feeling your best. Great for sipping on their own or as a base for your own creations in the kitchen.

Whatever is in season and catches our imagination and taste buds. We are inspired by the organic food that is grown and raised around us. We make use of the great bounty of our small part of the world to bring you the freshest, most delicious food possible.

Crust Bakery Manifesto:
We make every single thing by HAND.
Our ingredients are LOCAL
Which means SEASONAL.
Because not everything grows here.
A one woman bakery.
Making food that makes a difference.

These are our farmers and purveyors: Red Dog Farm, Willow Wind Farm, Serendipity Farm, Midori Farm, Spring Rain Farm, Finnriver Farm, Hopscotch Farm, Soft Step Farm, Stahlbush Island farm, One Straw Ranch, Fresh Breeze Creamery, Larsen's Creamery, Fairhaven Mill, Central Milling Organics, Redmond Real Salt, Guittard Chocolate.