Silver Alchemist
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Address: 2215 Cliff St. Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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About Us
Carlos Roberto Costa Ribeiro has been a vendor with the Port Townsend Saturday Market since 2004. He learned the basics of silversmithing in 1993 in Brazil, where he was born and raised.With no formal instruction, he developed his own style and techniques and still learns primarily by experimentation.
Purchasing only recycled fine silver casting grain, which are tiny pebbles of pure silver, he melts them down into bars, which he hand cranks through a rolling mill to make silver sheet or wire. Every clasp, hoop, post and bezel on each piece of jewelry is entirely handmade.
Roberto's handwoven chains are made on a knitting spool using a reinforced crochet hook. He also braids the silver wire and uses other knotting techniques such as macrame.
The jewelry of Carlos Roberto Costa Ribeiro speaks for itself with its rustic elegance and beauty. But beyond the finished product is the story of an artist in love with the process.
*For custom orders please visit his market booth or call him at 360-531-3680