Hopscotch Farm
Contact: Meghan Mix
City: Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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About Us
Hi! I’m Meghan. :)

I own and operate Hopscotch Farm + Cannery, a “Farm to Jar” operation that grows heirloom produce and crafts artisan pickles, relish, and preserves in Port Townsend, WA.

I started Hopscotch in 2017 as a way to blend together my passions for working in the dirt, cooking in the kitchen, and being nerdy in the office. Since there were already many produce farms operating locally, I decided to use my farm-grown fruits and vegetables to make value-added, “farm to jar” products.

But without land and lots of start-up capital, I had to get creative if I didn’t want to incur major debt to make my dream a reality. Enter the multi-plot micro-farm idea! Based on a contemporary reimagining of the WWII era “Victory Gardens,” I farm on 5 small plots located in unused open spaces in Jefferson County. Not only am I leveraging community resources, but I also support local landowners who can no longer farm or garden on their property but still have a desire to see it be productive.

As a native Washingtonian, I began my career in nonprofit administration. Fortunately, this background actually gave me many of the skills I use today; a self-professed nerd, I look forward to the budgeting, bookkeeping, quality control and records almost (but not quite) as much as I look forward to being out in the field or in the processing kitchen.

But I am happiest with my hands in the dirt. I have been farming now for seven years and have gained experience with different production methods on farms in Washington, California, and Arizona. As a farmer, I often had access to surplus crops and, not being able to bear seeing them go to waste, I started processing “2nd’s” into many types of canned and fermented foods as a hobby.

All these experiences came together to help me create Hopscotch Farm + Cannery, to weave together agricultural traditions, the craft of canning, modern “locavorism,” and a sense of place in order to celebrate the abundance of the Olympic Peninsula.
“Farm to Jar” operation that grows heirloom produce and crafts artisan pickles, relish, and preserves in Port Townsend, WA.

Production System: Hopscotch uses human-scale organic and sustainable production methods. My goal is to create a regenerative growing system that focuses on soil health, environmental health, and nutrient dense produce. I employ a low till system, use crop rotation, incorporate crops to attract pollinators and beneficial insects, and irrigate with a drip system. I maintain soil fertility with the use of compost, mulch, and cover crops. I also try to grow as main heirloom and open pollinated varieties as possible to promote biodiversity.