Honeyhoney Soap
Contact: Danica Jones
Address: 317 Willow St. Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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Phone: 360-301-3614
About Us
All honeyhoney soap is handcrafted using raw honey from bees that are raised naturally. Their home is located in magical little garden bordered by evergreen trees. This garden is nestled in the Duckabush river valley surrounded by the wild Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula in beautiful Washington State ?

Honey acts as a humectant, helping your skin to retain moisture, it is antibacterial, contains a high level of beneficial enzymes and antioxidants, and it helps to create a rich and luxurious lather.

This soap is made in small batches using the cold process method. I only use essential oils, which tend to have a lighter scent than lab-created and chemically-laden fragrance oils. All of my soap is made using a blend of at least 6 nourishing, and skin-loving oils and butter. It is formulated to gently cleanse your skin with a luxurious lather while leaving it soft and moisturized. The colors I use are all from botanicals, clays, and activated charcoal.

Your purchase supports a small business, a passionate soap maker, and the thousands of honey bees that live in that little garden.

Thank you so much ?
My soap is made with as many local ingredients as possible, including raw, local honey in every batch. The honey is from my father's bees in Jefferson County. All-natural ingredients, scented with essential oils, and palm oil-free. Wrapped in paper that when planted grows pretty flowers to feed the pollinators.