Port Townsend Vineyards
Address: P.O. Box 408 Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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Phone: 360-344-8155
About Us
Port Townsend Vineyards integrates family heritage and innovation to provide a community wine experience of the highest quality that invests in the local legacy of agriculture, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Port Townsend Vineyards was launched through the planting of the our 11 acre vineyard on Portuguese Hill using organic farming techniques in 2015. This vineyard was carefully planned to showcase the unique grape varieties that thrive in this geography and coastal climate. We use exclusively hand-harvesting techniques and care for the vines with no use of pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. Our vineyard showcases unique grape varieties that thrive in this geography and coastal climate. This five-zone vineyard welcomes guests by appointment onto the land to immerse them into a world of winemaking that begins with lesser-known and beautiful varieties. Walk the vineyard rows and observe the subtleties between Iskorka and Garanoir, as well as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and many more.

Our Winery Production is located at 2640 W Sims Way, near the city’s southern entry. Featuring a new co-op production facility to support sustainable winemaking, our winery greets visitors entering Port Townsend by road and highlights the care put into the wine. All of the grapes grown locally as well as those sourced from top regional vineyards are cared for in this brand new wine production facility. Built as a custom-crush facility, this new building houses modern winemaking equipment and ample space for barrel storage. It was designed to ensure the hand-harvested grapes could be crushed and fermented with minimal intervention using environmentally-efficient water and energy practices.