White Lotus Farm
Contact: Natalie Swope and Niall Motson
Address: 3723 Beaver Valley Rd Port Ludlow, WA, 98365
Email Address:
Phone: 425-830-0253
About Us
We are NATALIE and NIALL, business & life partners living and working on 69-acres in Beaver Valley on the Olympic Peninsula where we strive to regenerate the land by applying ecological practices to our vegetable patch, flower production and food-forest; we graze Romney sheep within our paddocks, raise wild-range chickens and bake sourdough for our community using grains grown locally in Chimacum Valley. Our team includes Cody Taylor who has integrated his pigs, goats and produce business onto and in collaboration with our farm. We have the “Farmhouse Suite'“ available for short-term accommodations and a rustic barn which will host events in the future.
Our farm strives to support the surrounding ecosystem by using solely organic and regenerative practices, improving soil health and water cleanliness, sequestering carbon, enhancing wildlife buffers and working with the conservation district to re-meander and protect the headwaters of Ludlow Creek.

Our farm operates a micro-bakery which specializes in sourdough hearth loaves (and we recently began offering a gluten-free sourdough option as well). White Lotus Farm is an approved Cottage Food Operator by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. White Lotus sourdough loaves are hand-made in small batches and slowly fermented using a culture of wild yeast. None of the bread made in our cottage kitchen contains commercial yeast, conditioners or preservatives.

All the whole-grains used are locally grown by Finnriver Grain Co. All the whole-grain flour is freshly stone-ground. All loaves are fermented for a minimum of 18 hours and baked in a stone-lined bread oven. When customers purchase bread from our farm, they are truly investing in the local Jefferson County economy - the farmer who grew the grain, the miller who milled this grain into flour and the baker who transformed this flour into delicious, nourishing sourdough.

We planted approximately 100 fruit and nut trees as well as hundreds of edible, medicinal and beneficial tree, shrubs, herbs and ground cover starting as early as the winter of 2018. We also strive to enhance the fungal and bacterial health of our soil using various practices such as compost teas, mulching, composting and inoculation as well as beneficial insects and nematodes. Our long term intention is to cultivate a thriving, edible ecosystem that provides food & other resources for ourselves, our guests, the community and the surrounding environment.

Our farm has a diverse array of animals which include: chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, goats, pigs and a llama named Cue. Our flock of 50 chickens have access to our entire farm as they are let out of the coop each morning until sunset. They forage in the forest and we supplement their diet with fermented feed as well as excess sourdough starter and kombucha scoby as routine snacks. To us, our chickens are truly "wild-range".