Finnriver Cidery
Contact: Crystie and Kieth Kisler
Address: 124 Center Rd. Chimacum, WA, 98325
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Phone: 612-801-0086
About Us
This is a story of confluence, how fertile land, impassioned farmers, creative fermenters, good neighbors, great timing, community support and ripe apples all converged to sustain a small family farm and bring Finnriver Farm & Cidery to life. While our farm is remote, we are honored to be on the forefront of the Pacific Northwest cider revival. We are committed to fermenting a vision of good land, renewed rural community and a vibrant food culture.

Finnriver was founded in 2008 by partners Eric Jorgensen and Keith and Crystie Kisler.

Before the Kislers found Finnriver, they were searching far and wide for a place to set down roots and grow a grounded life together. Farming was in Keith's blood and in Crystie's wildest dreams. While she was riding subways in a big city back east as a girl, he grew up riding tractors in the wheat fields of eastern Washington. Keith knows the names of four generations of his ancestors who lived with the cycles of seed, soil, work, and weather. Henry and Anna, his great-grandparents, carried their farming heritage from the Volga River region of Russia to the Columbia River basin of Washington, where branches of the Kisler family continue to farm today.

When their search for land and livelihood brought them to the Olympic Peninsula, they discovered the historic seaport and artful town of Port Townsend, full of boats, beauty and creative, conscientious people. They settled down, befriended some folks and two of them, skilled farmers Kate Dean and Will O'Donnell, became their business partners in 2004.
At Finnriver, we farm and ferment across a combined 80 acres of Certified Organic farmland and orchard in the rural Chimacum Valley, on Washington State’s north Olympic Peninsula. Our two farm locations (the 33 acre 'Home Farm' and our 50 acre Orchard) are 3 miles apart but both border salmon-bearing Chimacum Creek and both are permanently protected as farmland forever.

The Finnriver Orchard is a 50 acre organic farm located on a historic former dairy just south of the Chimacum crossroads. The fields and structures have been renovated to create a farm-based gathering space for people of all ages to reconnect to the land-- with a ten acre organic cider apple orchard, a working farm collaborative, the Hay Barn event space, a public tasting room and our Cider Garden pavilion and patios.

Our organic orchard features 6,000+ organic heirloom and traditional cider apple trees, with more than 24 traditional European and early American varieties planted over ten acres in tresslised pyramidal pruning, for open centers that maximize light exposure. Our trees grow on semi-dwarf rootstock that allows us to hand harvest and care for the trees at a human scale.

We craft our Orchard Series ciders from the Finnriver orchard to celebrate the diversity of these apples, to share the beauty and bounty of this land, and to offer a taste of the complexity and character of this rare heirloom fruit. We also source organic and homestead fruit from across the Pacific Northwest for our extensive line-up of contemporary, traditional and botanical ciders.

Along with the apple orchard, the farm grows over 20 acres of diverse organic grains, such as quinoa, wheat and buckwheat. We also keep a flock of geese and sheep to assist in browsing grass and managing weed growth.