Three Peas Farm
Contact: Amy Poteete and Eric Peterson
Address: 871 Black Bear Road Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Email Address:
Phone: 425-239-0003
About Us
It’s our dream come true to share fresh, local food with neighbors in our community. Amy, Eric and Logan are the farmers and Katelyn is our farm manager. Although we are still too new to receive USDA Organic Certification, we use non-certified organic practices that put soil quality first. We are chemical and pesticide free and non-GMO. We pasture raise chickens and turkeys and feed them organic food.

We founded Three Peas Farm in 2017; a 5-acre farm located in Port Townsend, close to Four Corners. In addition to selling vegetables and eggs, we offer family friendly and dignified co-housing accessible to people of all income levels. We also host Airbnb and HipCamp guests.

We start our second year at the farmer’s market later this summer; selling eggs, salads, herbs, and smoothies. We just finished our self-serve farm stand that will open this May to sell eggs, vegetables, fruit, plant starts and more. This May also marks our first annual CSA Food Box program, starting with 15 members.
Chickens are pasture-raised using organic methods and food, food grown with organic practices.