Mountain Spirit Herbal Company
Contact: Denise Joy
Address: 3110 3rd Street Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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Phone: 360-385-4491
About Us

As the soul-surviving carrier of an herbal tradition passed from woman to woman in the oral tradition, Denise Joy celebrates her herbal lineage. Her Ukrainian Gypsy great grandmother guided her early training, from 9-14. With decades of study and practice, Denise carries more than information or knowledge; she carries a way of life connected with place and community. She has served the Port Townsend area as an herbalist, medicine maker and practitioner for over 35 years with her home-based business, Mountain Spirit Herbal Co.
Here at Mountain Spirit we grow a lot of the fresh herbs used in our oils, balms and tinctures and we occasionally offer them in our dried herb selection when they are available.

When we make our products, including dietary supplements and cosmetics such as our tinctures, balms, creams and oils, we allow the herbs to infuse for no less than 6 weeks to insure maximum potency. We do not standardize any of our mixes, allowing the plants to gift us with their full Healing properties. All of our products are made in very small batches and we always use the highest quality herbs possible.

I still have to supplement my harvest with herbs organically grown by other farmers, wildcrafters or suppliers of the highest quality, both in our local region and elsewhere.